High Capacity Filter Bags

Newly installed filter bag housings or existing systems can utilise High Capacity filter bags, which increase the filtration surface area by 70% compared with a similar sized standard bag.

The High Capacity bag is situated within a stainless steel filter basket with inner support core. Baskets can be supplied to retrofit existing standard size filter bag housings.

Liquid enters the bag and flows through both the outer surface and the central core, enabling higher flow rates to be achieved compared to the equivalent sized standard filter bags. The increased filtration surface area results in a higher dirt holding capacity and therefore prolongs the service life of the filter bag.

By utilising a High Capacity filter bag in a new filter installation, a smaller, lower cost filter housing can achieve the desired flow rate and dirt holding capacity. When retrofitting an existing filter housing with a High Capacity basket, its performance capability can be increased at minimal cost.

A High Capacity bag also reduces the volume of retained liquid in the filter bag by 30% compared to a standard bag system, lowering the filter bag removal weight and decreasing product wastage.

As standard, construction is from our extended life filter media, although High Capacity bags can be manufactured from any of Allied’s filter media, including our range of high efficiency melt blown materials. The filter bag features our Welseal collar to provide an excellent seal with the filter housing, and a support ring in the base to assist installation.

High Capacity filter bags are available for size 1 and size 2 filter housings.