High Efficiency Filter Bags – 500 series

The 500 Series filter bag from Allied Filter Systems Ltd contains in excess of 5m2 of materials, and provides a very high oil and dirt holding capacity at high efficiency. It is constructed from 100% meltblown polypropylene microfibre filter media, giving a broad chemical compatibility.

The constituent media has enhanced oil absorbent properties, and coupled with the high surface area, the 500 Series is most commonly used for applications where a high amount of oil absorbance is required. For example, it is widely used in the automotive industry for heavily contaminated electrocoat baths.

The multi layered construction provides an exceptional depth of filter media, around 50mm. The layers of oil absorbent media are separated by drainage layers, ensuring a good flow of liquid and minimising the pressure drop across the filter bag. The outer layers of the filter provide an effective final filtration of the process fluid, retaining very high levels of solids. Particle retention is >95% at the stated micron rating.

The depth of the filter media makes the 500 Series very effective at filtering fluids containing gels or deformable particles.

The 500 Series is manufactured with fully welded seams and our Santaseal ring for optimum performance, or sewn seams with steel or stainless steel ring. It is available rated at 1 – 25 micron in size 1 and size 2 only.

Filter bag size Maximum
flow rate
Dirt holding
Oil absorption capacity Clean differential pressure drop
1 6m3/hr 0.5Kg 2.5Kg 0.025 Bar @ 6m3/hr
2 12m3/hr 1Kg 5kg 0.05 Bar @ 12m3/hr