MBP 300 Series High Efficiency Filter Bags

Allied Filter Systems Ltd has developed the MBP 300 Series a unique range of absolute rated filter bags rated from 1 – 10 micron, performing to an efficiency of >99% at the stated micron rating.

For processes requiring absolute filtration, the use of filter cartridges has previously been the method of choice to achieve high performance in critical applications with consumable filter elements.

The MBP 300 Series utilises filter media which enables processes to achieve the same efficiencies using bag filters whilst benefiting from the advantages that a bag filter system has over an equivalent sized cartridge system.   These advantages include

  • Higher dirt holding capacities
  • Higher flow rates (i.e. lower quantity of filter elements required to achieve the same flow rate as an equivalent sized cartridge system)
  • Lower initial pressure drops, resulting in longer service life
  • Solids are collected inside the bag, rather than on the exterior of a cartridge, leading to easier and quicker filter element disposal and less cleaning of filter housing.
  • Ease of handling leading to increased speed of changeout (less process downtime)
  • Lower number of sealing points compared with equivalent number of cartridges
  • Less storage space required for filter bags compared with necessary number of cartridges.
  • Lower disposal cost due to the lower quantity of filter elements required

The result is a high performance filter for the most critical applications which provides a significant reduction in the cost of filtration, without compromise to your process.

The MBP 300 Series filter bags are constructed from up to 5 layers of polypropylene melt blown media, graded to give progressively finer filtration as the process liquid passes through the filter bag. This ensures that the dirt loading of fine particles is distributed effectively within the filter media.

To prolong filter bag lifetime, a coarse melt blown pre-filter layer is present  to give a high dirt holding capacity and protection to the finer filtration layers.

All constituent materials conform to EC and FDA requirements for food and pharmaceutical contact applications.