Mesh Filter Bags

Mesh filter bags provide surface filtration – a ‘sieving’ mechanism, causing particles larger than the pore size of the media to be captured on the surface of the media. They are excellent for removing non-deformable, solid particles and have no fibre migration.

There are two types of mesh filter bags :

  • Monofilament meshes have a woven structure of single filaments which are thermofixed to give a precise micron rating and a high mechanical strength. Typical applications include paints, inks, resins and other types of coatings where there is a need for a specific absolute micron ratingThe most common polymer is nylon, but we are also able offer polypropylene, polyester and fluoropolymer monofilament where the chemical compatibility and/or the maximum operating temperature of an application restricts the use of nylon.

Micron ratings range from 1 – 1500 depending on polymer type.

Monofilament mesh filter bags are manufactured in food safe and silicone free conditions.

  • Multifilament meshes are a less accurate, low cost option for non-critical applications. Multiple filaments are twisted together to produce single threads which are woven to give a nominal rated, non-thermofixed mesh structure. They are available in polyester and are rated from 100 to 400 micron.

Mesh filter bags have sewn seams, and are available in all industry standard sizes. A binding taped seam is standard for all meshes rated lower than 60 micron, and is offered as an option for meshes coarser than 60 micron.

They are produced with a comprehensive choice of sealing rings :

  • 7” or 4” galvanized steel (or stainless steel) which fit universally into all filter housings. Polypropylene rings and stainless steel bands are also available.Integrated lifting handles are standard for fast and easy bag installation and replacement.
  • Moulded Welseal (polypropylene or polyester) welded rings, giving more positive sealing, needle hole elimination and moulded lifting handles. A Welseal ring product is fully combustible.
  • Positive sealing Santaseal moulded ring, for applications where high temperature or chemical resistance properties are required.

All mesh filter bags are manufactured to ISO 9001 quality standards.