Multi Bag Filter Vessels

Allied Filter Systems is able to offer multi bag vessels for applications requiring high flow rates or a large filtration surface area. The standard range of multi bag vessels contains from 4 to 16 filter bags, with larger vessels available on request.

Flow is split equally through each filter bag ensuring an even distribution of solid loading.

Filter Bags are individually held in position by three point locking bayonets, which compress the filter bag ring and produce a seal with the filter vessel.

The vessel lid has a counterbalanced spring assisted lifting mechanism ensuring that opening and closing the filter is safe and easy for operators.

The counterbalance is precise and gives the lid a practically weightless feel. As an additional safety feature, a simple locking system is fitted on the hinge as standard and can be engaged when the lid is in the fully open position.

Multi bag vessels are provided with a choice of two closure types, either a bolted lid or with a quick closure clamp.

Quick closure system

The quick closure system was developed for multi bag vessels to eliminate the need for swing bolts, decreasing the time required for filter bag changeout.

The system consists of a heavy duty precision engineered clamp, an opening wheel with counter screw, and a safety lock attached to a ball valve fitted to the vent of the housing.

To change the filter bags, first the safety lock is released, simultaneously venting the filter housing. Turning the hand wheel then opens the clamp. The hinged lid can then be lifted and the filter bags changed. The reverse procedure is carried out to close the housing.

Multi bag vessels are designed to be ergonomic. A tangential bottom outlet minimises vessel height, reducing the installation space and providing operators with a convenient bag changeout height.

There are two standard inlet and outlet orientations :

Style 3 – Side inlet / tangential bottom outlet on the opposite side

Style 4 – Side inlet / tangential bottom outlet on the same side

The hinged lid design minimises the installation floor space required compared to traditional davit lid models.

Multi bag vessels are constructed from stainless steel 304 or 316L. The standard pressure ratings is 10 Bar, the standard temperature rating is 80oc. Higher pressure and temperature ratings are available on request. Multi bag vessels can be CE marked if required.