OA Series Filter Bags

OA Series Filter Bags
OA Series Filter Bags

OA Series Filter Bags

The OA Series filter bags have a high oil and hydrocarbon absorption capacity, and are available rated at 1-25 micron with particle removal efficiencies >90%.

The filter bag has 3 or 4 layers depending on micron rating, and includes a central polypropylene microfibre layer with enhanced oil and hydrocarbon absorption properties, and an outer cover to eliminate fibre migration and give added support to the filter media. It is constructed with sewn seams, with a choice of any ring type, including our Welseal polypropylene collars.

Originally designed to remove silicones, fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons from electrocoat paints in the automotive industry, like all our filter bags, the OA Series is manufactured under silicone free conditions.

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