RBF Series

The RBF series is a side entry, recessed basket design filter bag housing. It features a tri-clover top cover plate which is held in place by three reclining swing bolts with eye nuts, and seals with a single o ring. One of the nuts acts as a hinge. The cover plate also has a lid stop and an integrated lifting handle, and can be orientated to 3 different opening positions.

The RBF vessel features an internal machined ring, which seats both the restrainer basket and filter bag. The filter bag is held in position by compression of a hold down device by the top cover ensuring a 360o positive seal.

The heavy duty restrainer basket is constructed from high open area perforated stainless steel and holds our complete range of filter bags, from traditional steel ring to our moulded ‘Welseal’ collar. Precision manufacture ensures that there is no need for an under basket o-ring.

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