Simplex and Duplex Basket Filters

Simplex fabricated basket filters are designed for applications where temporary interruption of a process can be permitted for basket cleaning. They feature a recessed basket with lifting handle, seated on an internal ring. An under basket o-ring is present to ensure an excellent seal between the filter housing and basket.
Simplex basket filters are bolted lid, side entry vessels, with either a bottom or side outlet (Styles 2-8).

Fabricated basket filters can also be duplexed to enable continuous operation. The system consists of two strainers – one duty and one standby – interconnecting pipework and gear operated butterfly valves.

When the maximum acceptable differential pressure is reached across the duty filter, the flow can be switched to the other filter housing without disruption to the filtration process. The filter not in use can then be cleaned and prepared for use again.

The standard range of simplex and duplexed basket filters are available with up to 12”connections, and can be customised to meet specific requirements.

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