Extended Life Filter Bags

Extended Life filter bags are available in polypropylene or polyester needlefelt ranging from 0.5-100 microns, and can have a lifetime of upto 5 times that of the equivalent standard filter bag.

Increased thickness of the filter media compared to that of the equivalent standard felt filter bag enables an increased retention of particles. In addition, the extended life filter media has a graded density structure i.e. progressively smaller particles are captured as the fluid follows a tortuous path through the media, stopping the filter bag from blinding prematurely. The result is a filter media with a higher dirt holding capacity, leading to increased filter bag lifetime.

Within the Extended Life series, Allied Filter Systems Ltd is uniquely able to offer a 0.5 micron polyester filter bag. The filter media has a special construction using a blend of micro denier and fine denier fibres, giving the finest filtration results of any needlefelt product available on the market.

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