Fully Welded Filter Bags

Allied Filter Systems Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of fully welded filter bags, which are available for applications requiring standard polypropylene or polyester felts, extended life felts or high efficiency media.

All seams are welded rather than sewn, and combined with our 360o positive sealing moulded Welseal welded ring, no process liquid can bypass through needleholes caused by the sewing process or around a traditional metal ring. The Welseal ring forms a 360o hermetic seal between the filter bag and housing, ensuring that fully welded filter bags perform to a higher efficiency than a sewn equivalent. The use of moulded ring filter bags is especially important for critical applications where low micron ratings or high efficiency filter bags are required.

Welseal rings also feature moulded lifting handles, enabling ease of use as well as faster bag change and installation.

Fully welded filter bags are constructed from 100% synthetic components, making them fully combustible.

All filter bags are manufactured to IS0 9001 quality standards and under silicone free and food safe conditions. Constituent polypropylene and polyester felts are manufactured using 100% virgin fibres, ensuring maximum purity and consistent performance.