Filter Bags

Allied Filter Systems Ltd manufacture the broadest range of liquid filter bags available on the market. Our media and innovative construction optimises performance, efficiency and lifetimes.

A bag filter system is one of the most popular filtration methods for liquid process applications. It provides a versatile, cost effective and consistent filtration system suitable for a broad range of applications from small batch operations to bulk processing.

Bag filter housings are available in a wide range of materials and sizes, and can handle any fluid types and flow rates in the range of 5m3/hr to 640m3/hr. Replacement filter bags are selected from the broadest possible range of media.

The required filter media is determined by the size of the particles to be removed (0.6  – 1500microns), the type of particles to be removed (deformable or non-deformable), the required retention efficiency (60 – 99.98%) and the chemical and temperature compatibility of the media.

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