LV1 Stainless Steel Single Cartridge Housings

The LV1 series single cartridge vessels consist of an investment cast head with 1” BSP (F) inline connections and 1/8” BSP (F) vent, a quick release clamp, and a bowl with ¼” BSP (F) bottom drain.

LV1 vessels are produced in four sizes to suit industry standard 10”, 20”, 30” and 40” nominal length filter cartridges. The universal head can be configured to suit double open ended, code 8 (222 o rings/fin) or code 3 (222 o rings / flat) cartridges. The LV1 can also accept code 7 (226 o rings / fin) cartridges when supplied with an adaptor. The head is provided with locating sockets for an optional wall mounting bracket.

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