Oil Absorption Insert

For processes requiring oil removal from a liquid stream, Allied Filter Systems has introduced the new Oil Absorption Insert.

The insert is simply positioned within a standard filter bag, which can be any single layered type selected in accordance with the particle retention needs of the process. Use of the insert requires no modification to the baskets of standard filter housings. The insert is available in size 1 or 2, and has a 100% polypropylene construction.

It features a perforated central core to ensure that the liquid flow is split equally through the insert, and contains 0.38Kg (size 1) or 0.75Kg (size 2) of oil absorbent ‘spaghetti’ filter media.

The size 1 insert can absorb over 5 litres of oil, and over 10 litres for the size 2 insert. The ‘spaghetti’ media has a large surface area, so as well as providing a substantial oil absorption capacity, an excellent dirt holding capacity can also be achieved.

To optimise performance, we also provide a stainless steel 316L deflector plate, which features a nozzle to channel the process fluid into the central core of the insert.