Bespoke Filter Bag Housings

Allied Filter Systems is able to offer bespoke filter bag housings with special options to suit all customer requirements.

  • Various connection sizes and orientations (styles).
  • Other connection types eg. Sanitary (Tri-clamp, RJT, Dairy fittings etc.), Camlock, plain pipe.
  • Higher pressure and temperature ratings.
  • Heating jackets.
  • Multiple housings manifolded. For example, duplexed using L-port, T-port or butterfly valves.
  • Modular system, allowing expansion.
  • Custom designed systems including multiple housings, valves, pipework and pumps.
  • Trolley or skid mounted.
  • Custom made, special design vessels.
  • Inclined vessels.
  • Stainless steel mesh lined baskets.
  • Stainless steel bolts.
  • Electropolished interior and/or exterior.
  • Interior coated vessels (e.g. Halar).
  • Polished internal finish to specified Ra value.
  • Various support options e.g. longer adjustable legs, wall mounting brackets, welded mounting plates.
  • Complete with differential pressure gauge ports and installation.