X100 Series Filter Housing

X100 series filter housing

The X100 series filter bag housing from Allied Filter Systems Ltd.® is an economical yet durable vessel. Manufactured from polypropylene, the vessel is lightweight and is perfectly suited for applications such as water filtration and for use with other non-dangerous chemicals.

The X100 has a simple to use screw- on lid which seals to the vessel body by means of a gasket without the need for any tools to tighten. The smooth interior surface enables easy and fast manual cleaning or flushing.

As standard, the vessel is fitted with a high open area filtration basket with no restriction to flow to support a filter bag.

The X100 is also supplied with removable adjustable legs. The moulded connections are 2” NPT, but in addition the vessel is provided with screw-in 2” ANSI flanges to provide an alternative connection option.


Filter bags

A comprehensive range of X100 filter bags is available and can be manufactured from our full selection of filter media (1 to 1500 microns) providing accurate and economical filtration. The polypropylene X100 moulded collar forms an excellent seal against the filter housing body eliminating possibility of bypass. A hold down device is also present within the vessel to provide added security of filter bag seating. The X100 moulded collar features an integrated handle to assist filter bag removal. Measuring 6” diameter x 20” long, the filter bag has the equivalent filtration area of a size 1 filter bag.


Technical Data

Maximum Operating pressure : 6 Barg
Maximum Operating temperature : 80oC
Internal volume : 12 Litres
Gasket materials : EPDM or Viton
Maximum recommended flow rate : 12m3/hr
P.E.D. / PE(S)R 2016 : Designed and manufactured to Article 4.3 / Sound Engineering Practice. Suitable for use with Group 2 non-dangerous liquids.