Filter Bag Accessories

Allied Filter Systems Ltd is able to supply a wide range of bag filter accessories to complement our range of filter housings and also those from other manufacturers.

  • Restrainer baskets – Stainless steel 316L in all industry standard sizes and available in a variety of styles to fit all types of housings. Baskets can also be manufactured with a stainless steel mesh lining (37 to 840 micron) or produced from perforated sheet other than the standard 3mm, commonly 1mm to 10mm. Coated baskets (e.g. Halar) are also available.
  • High capacity basket and bag fitting tool – Provides increased surface area compared to traditional baskets.
  • Basket removal tool.
  • Adjustable legs – Stainless steel construction in standard or custom made lengths.
  • Wall mounting brackets.
  • Pressure gauges – Stainless steel gauges supplied either on their own, or as an assembly with Tee piece and vent valve. We can also provide differential pressure gauges with or without electrical contacts, and an installation option when ordered with a vessel.
  • Hold down devices.
  • Bar Magnets – Magnetic particles from process liquid adhere to the bar magnet surface. Filter bag lifetime is prolonged by reducing the amount of solid collected by the bag, and reducing surface abrasion of filter media which can be effected by sharp particles. Neodymium rare earth magnets have a magnetic flux density of 12,000 Gauss, are deep field, and can operate upto 120oc without significant loss of field strength. Magnet holding ring can be fitted with upto 5 magnetic bars.
  • Displacement floats – Displace liquid in the vessel ensuring easier bag changes and reducing product wastage.
  • Valves – All common types such as monoblock, L-port, T-port, butterfly valves.
  • Stainless steel adaptor head – For open bag systems, with BSP fitting.
  • Deflector plate for oil absorption
  • V clamps – for use with housing models such as RBFD and CHD series.
  • Eye nuts, swing bolts and clevis pins – Zinc Galvanised or stainless steel.
  • Eye nut key
  • O-rings – Materials include Viton, EPDM (ethylene propylene), Buna-n (nitrile), silicone, PTFE, PTFE encapsulated viton, PTFE encapsulated silicone. Available in all cross section types and sizes.