Polypropylene Bag Filter Housings

Polypropylene bag filter housings are available in size 1 and 2 for applications where materials such as stainless steel are incompatible with the fluid to be processed.

The Polypropylene series is a side entry, recessed basket design filter housing. The polypropylene restrainer basket has a high open area and holds our complete range of filter bags, including our moulded ‘Welseal’ collar.

An important feature of our design is that it has a bolted lid, which is advantageous compared to screwed lid models. Polypropylene threads can wear over time due to repeated opening and closing of a screwed lid, which ultimately damages the lid closure arrangement. Furthermore, polypropylene can deform when repeatedly pressurized, which can also damage such closure systems. The bolted lid design enables our polypropylene filter bag housings to be CE Marked.

For continuous processes, we are able to offer duplexed systems with interconnecting valves, or if higher flows are required, several housings can be manifolded together. The standard configuration is our style 3 (top side inlet – bottom side outlet). It has a bottom drain and top vent, and DN50 (or 2” ANSI) flanged inlet and outlet connections. The vessel is designed to be floor mounted, although optional adjustable stainless steel legs are available. Polypropylene filter bag housings are available either 6 Bar or 10 Bar rated. For applications where corrosive fluids are being filtered, these vessels can be produced from PVDF.