Solid – Liquid Separator Filters

Liquid enters the unit tangentially creating a centrifugal flow, which is accelerated by a special top inlet construction. The tangential inlet and the special construction in the top dome of the separator gives an optimal centrifugal action, which is required to achieve efficient and continuous separation.

Centrifugal force moves particles to the sides of the separator chamber. Solids slowly drop along the sides to the quiet collection chamber. Cleaned liquid is drawn up through the vortex and leaves the separator by the top outlet. Solids are either periodically or continuously purged from the collection chamber.

Additional Information

  • Removes 98% of 200 mesh or larger sand, grit, and other solids heavier than the liquid
  • Many sizes available to provide broad range of flow rates (upto several hundred m3/hr)
  • Can be supplied inline or sideline
  • Larger separators can be mounted at 25o to limit installation height
  • Can be fitted with optional inspection port
  • Can be manufactured from a variety of materials to enable use in broad range of applications



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