Filter Housings

Filter Housings & Vessels

A high quality filter housing is a vital component of a filter system. The performance of a filter bag or cartridge, some of which are rated at efficiencies of 99.98% at given micro rating, can be reduced if compromise is made when purchasing a filter housing or filter bag vessel.

Allied Filter Systems Ltd manufactures exceptional filter housings and filter bag vessels to suit all requirements and budgets. Our range has been developed by considering customer demands and by applying extensive knowledge gained through our company being active in the filtration market for nearly 40 years.

Our comprehensive range of filters provides economical, reliable and cost effective filtration. The precision construction of every filter ensures high performance, durability and efficiency whilst conforming to and exceeding the required safety standards.

Our innovative and modern designs of filter housings ensure maximum filter system performance. Thought has been invested into every aspect of our range, from providing excellent filter sealing arrangements, through to offering imaginative and practical closure systems.

Should you be looking for a bespoke size of filter housings or filter bag vessel please contact us.

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